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Our Services

We offer full-service wedding coordination to ensure a beautiful and seamless event. No details will be left out and the planning focuses on your personal style, budget and preferences. We work with the most creative and professional vendors in Cartagena to make sure your wedding day is flawless. Service is our top priority and every detail is attended to.

We are committed to creating not only stylish and beautiful events but also a wedding that reflects your personal style. Your vision, style and traditions are of utmost importance to us as we work with you to achieve your perfect wedding day.

Here are the key services that we offer as Wedding Planners:

  • Elaboration of the concept for the ceremony, reception and all the events pre and post Wedding.
  • We will help you select the best options of venues, colonial houses, historical sites, boutique hotels, and beach locations.
  • Assistance in the selection of the menu, wines, design and decoration, photographers, live shows and other details required.
  • Preparation of the itinerary of visits with every supplier for the integral knowledge of their services.
  • We facilitate our couples relevant information about Cartagena and the activities that the guests can enjoy; they can publish all this information in their websites.
  • Elaboration of preliminary budgets according to the couple’s decision considering the suppliers and the different services.
  • Coordination of the additional activities in the Wedding week (Rehearsal dinner, welcome Cocktail, tour on chiva bus, brunch etc).
  • We offer information and advice on hotel reservations, apartments etc. according to the guests’ budget.
  • We follow up the suppliers during all the planning process and the wedding day to check that all contracted services are fully carried out.
  • We provide full support on the Wedding day with our very qualified work team; from the preparation of the couple to the liquor inventory at the end of the party; the newlyweds and their guests just need to be worried about enjoying the big day!